Wholesale Bedding: Made in the USA Supplier

Bulk Pricing Linen Factory, Made In America Linens

The Linen Factory has supplied wholesale bedding for the last 30 years and successfully supports a large and thriving client base all across the USA from institutions to healthcare systems and hospitals, to hotels, vacations rentals and other hospitality businesses. Our products range from pillowcases to bedsheets, comforter sets, bedspreads, mattress pads and more. We cater to various organizations of our nation's healthcare, government, and hospitality industries as wholesale bedding suppliers. What sets Paradise Pillow apart from other bedding suppliers is our high quality AMERICAN-made products, quick product, and incredible customer service.  

Wholesale Healthcare Bedding Supplier

One of our most common clients is Healthcare systems and businesses. Healthcare is the most demanding in terms of comfort, durability, and hygiene. We have maintained a high standard over the years with options from 200 to 300 thread count range of finely woven sheets, pillows, and pillowcases. These products' anti-bacterial and cooling factors ensure that the patients are always comfortable and have the best experience using the Linen Factory's products. Our pricing is competitive when purchased in bulk and the material of the product mainly consists of cotton and polyester with anti-bacterial properties on most hospital products.

Wholesale Hospitality Bedding Supplier

The Hospitality industry, which includes hotels, motels, short term vacation rentals and other businesses is another large part of our client base. The cost-efficient and durable items built for this industry also include pillows, sheets, and covers for everything that goes on a bed. The quality of fabric we use is impeccable to ensure our clients happiness and provide them the satisfaction and longevity they expect from their hospitality bedding. Size variations also exist and range from twin to Queen and King. These are made to cater to the different types of beds that hotels and vacation rentals have in the guest bedrooms. Pure cotton or polyester is used for hospitality needs, and price ranges depending on the quality and threadcount - Paradise Pillow has many options ranging from tight budget products to luxury bedding. 


Wholesale Institution Bedding Supplier

The country's public institutions and government clients include dorms, orphanages, or nursing homes that may need a set of resting quarters for their inhabitants. Public institutions are also provided with excellent forms of wholesale bedding in America through the Linen Factory. The material used entails 200+ thread count with reasonable prices and super efficient quality. These also include a variety in size, material, and colors with similar price ranges for the sectors mentioned above.

Our factory supplies government and institutions that range from military facilities to firehouses to  nursing homes. Our offering for institutions ranges but the most common sheets used are around the 200 thread count range and are priced competitively for the high quality product that they are. Our offerings for government and institutions also provide a range of choices to offer options for any budget. 


Paradise Pillow Linen Factory

The Linen Factory has revolutionized wholesale bedding in the USA and redefined it using its impeccable customer service and american made linens. We also deliver our products quickly out of products and with fast shipping. The organizations that order from Paradise Pillow always come back because of impeccable service and great products - we love to build long-term relationships with our clients and offer incredible bedding and service for years to come.