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Why Paradise Pillow?

When buying from Paradise Pillow, your not just buying a product. You’re buying quality textile products that are Made in USA. That’s right, we manufacture an entire line of bedding products right out of Philadelphia, PA. When buying American-made products, you support jobs that go to dedicated Americans getting paid honest living wages, and you are supporting the slow-but-steady growth of the American manufacturing economy. Also, because our products are made in the US, manufacturing and shipping lead times are faster, more reliable, and require lower minimum order quantities. We’ve been in business for over 25 years selling to hotels, hospitals, government agencies, and wholesale companies by valuing honesty, hard work, and sustainability. Give us a call, shoot us an email, or request a quote, and we’ll help you find the right solution for your bedding and bath needs.

American Manufacturers and Suppliers of Linens
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Low Minimum Order Quantities, Large Production Capacities, and Rapid Turnover Rates

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Global and Domestic Capabilities

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Products Tailored to Customer Requests

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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Made in USA

Over 27 Years of Quality Linens Manufactured in the United States

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As the premier American manufacturers of linens, Paradise Pillow has supplied hotels and motels around the world with long-lasting, luxurious linen products.

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Performance linens are our specialty, made right here in our factory. Long-lasting, durable, and tough enough to withstand harsh treatment and heavy duty laundry cycles with minimal sacrifice to comfort.

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Old age homes, assisted living facilities, rehabilitation centers, dormitories, military barracks, we can furnish them all. Call today for wholesale performance linens at factory direct prices.

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Paradise Pillow is proud to serve hundreds of Federal,State, and Local government agencies in the United States.

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For decades, Paradise Pillow has supplied hundreds of military bases around the world with quality American made linens.

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Prisons and jails around the country have been using our pillows and textiles because of our quality, flexibility, and the durability of our products.

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Private Label

Design your own product and let us manufacture it for you with your brand name on it. With over 15 years of private label experience, the choice is clear. Call today to request information about our private label programs.

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Coming Soon. See our most popular consumer bedding and pillows that are sold to hundreds of retail stores and ecommerce sites around the country.

The Fall of American Linen Factories

The question we are always asked is: "How were you able to remain in business and continue to (profitably) manufacture in the United States? The answer to this question is quite complex. First of all we have been able to maintain a very crucial cost-saving production...

A Family History

          Paradise Pillow Inc. was incorporated in 1987. Freddy Halfon saw opportunity in an expanding market decades ago that led him to purchase one pillow filling machine and one sewing machine to set up shop in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Originally the only product...

Why Choose Paradise Pillow?

What is so special about Paradise Pillow? Over the past 2 decades, it has been an unfortunate reality that most American linen manufacturers have been forced to either outsource or relocate their production to third world countries (in search of cheaper labor), or to...

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