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Hospital Bedding for Healthcare Facilities including hospitals, clinics, VA hospitals, nursing homes

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Designed for Durability and Performance. Paradise Pillow is an American hospital bed sheets, bedding & blanket supplier located in Philadelphia. Quality and performance are essential to what distinguishes Paradise Pillow bedding from the other manufacturers. As an American factory we provide highly competitive pricing on all our high-quality hospital bedding. It is an honor to serve the healthcare system in the USA.  All of our hospital bedding offers essential qualities; easy maintenance, cost effectiveness, and protection.

Paradise Pillow Inc. is a leading manufacturer of bed linens, and wholesale hospital bedding in the United States for over 27 years. We take tremendous pride in our American made quality, and have earned a prestigious reputation for it. The quality of our textile and bedding products, easy customization of products and orders, and quick production strategies keep us competitive in the busy hospital bedding industry. 

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Low Minimum Orders

Linens are bulky and take up much needed space. Don’t order extra, order what you need. Low order volume requirements let you save space and money.

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Rapid Production

Need an order fast? Rapid production and quick delivery, don’t wait - get your order expedited and skip the wait. 

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Quick Delivery

What's the point of rapid production of delivery isn't quick? You ask we delivery, fast. 

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Satisfaction Guarantee

Our customers come first, our one of a kind 100% satisfaction guarantee comes from our confidence that you’ll love our product and service. 

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Custom Tailoring

Make it your own. You have needs, we can provide your exact specs. Get products tailored for exactly what you need.

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Custom Orders

Your needs will vary, and we will follow suit, let us know what you need to make your order completely customized for your needs for maximum value and savings. 

Custom Orders

Need to make a completely custom order? No problem, all of our products are made to order, customize your order to exactly what you need. With our low order minimums, and quick production times we’ll get you exactly what you need without wasting time, space or money.

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Bedding for hospitals and healthcare facilities

Paradise Pillow Inc. has long been a leading manufacturer of bed linens in the United States for over 27 years. We take tremendous pride in our American Made quality, and have earned a prestigious reputation for it in multiple industries. Our exceptional quality, easy customization of products, and rapid cost-effective production strategies help us remain competitive in the hospitality, institutional, and medical textile industries.

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Hospital Pillows & Pillow Cases

Soft Staph Check Hospital Sleeping Pillow

Patients deserve comfort, especially where they lay their heads. The Soft Staph Check Pillow offers premium comfort, durability, and hygiene. Made with premium materials the shell of this pillow is highly durable, built to last thousands of laundry cycles. It is also flame-resistant, antibacterial, anti-fungal, and mildew resistant. This pillow offers wipe-ability for easy on the spot cleaning, and option vented perforation for extra breathability and coolness. This pillow is the ideal combination of softness and support for a better sleep. Available in white and surgical blue.

Premium Staph Check Hospital Sleeping Pillow

For extra-heavy usage
The Premium Staph Check Pillow was created with all the properties of the Soft Staph Check pillow and more. This pillow offers advanced features, including odor-free, self deodorizing, hypoallergenic, moisture resistant. This pillow has a non-perforated permanent fluid-barrier which gives it extra durability allowing the hospital pillow to take serious abuse without becoming damaged. This pillow is perfect for a hospital, designed with longevity in mind but designed like it were for a home setting, helping patients feel at home and comfortable during their stay. 

Fresh Fill Hospital
Sleeping Pillow

The ideal hospital pillow. Great for long term care facilities and other medical institutions in need of medical pillows. This fresh pillow is soft filled with fresh polyester and made from 100% virgin polyester fiber. The long denier fibers in this pillow ensure a loftier supporter for the neck and back in a lighter pillow. This high quality fiber also provides long lasting durability and resilience in heavy duty industrial grade laundry cycles.

Antimicrobial hospital sleeping pillow 

Paradise Pillow’s Antimicrobial Pillow is our best seller in medical pillows. The primary feature of this pillow is the treated antimicrobial polyester fill, this keeps germs out, an essential of medical pillow use. The fabric shell is super soft but is specially woven and tightly sewn to prevent tiny pests from staying on the pillow.

This antimicrobial American made medical pillow is made with multiple end-users in mind - designed to be reused, rewashed, and maintain its softness and support throughout the many years of use.  

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Premium Hospital Bed Sets

Hospital Sheets & Pillowcases

We offer a higher thread count to guarantee a strong fabric. Our hospital bed sheets and pillowcases are designed and built to withstand years of aggressive use and abusive laundry cycles.

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MUSLIN Hospital sheets & pillowcases

The Muslin Set offers an affordable hospital bed sheets option. With savings in mind, this sheet offers a value guaranteed to please. These hospital textiles are available in bleached white, and bone color. This sheet set is an excellent option for room fillers and for surplus hospital linen supply. 

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ECONOMY Hospital Sheets and pillowcases

Our economy line of hospital bedding textiles brings the perfect compromise between value and quality. Durable, resilient, and hypoallergenic this line of healthcare bed sheets is one of the most popular products from our American Factory. Engineered with heavy us in mind, this line of sheets is designed and built to withstand heavy laundry cycles often seen hospital bedding use, these sheets pay for themselves in no time. Available colors include white, surgical blue, and surgical green. 

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Hospital Mattress Pads & Protectors 

Made in the USA

Vinyl Waterproof Mattress Pad

This mattress pad provides the ultimate combination of durability and softness. The vinyl waterproof mattress pad is the necessary solution for any hospital bed. With a soft brush feel, this pad prevents top sheet fabric from discomforting movement. And with an impermeable construction to keep all liquids from penetrating, leaving a wipeable surface for easy cleaning. 

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Felt Waterproof Mattress Pad

Cost-efficient construction of synthetic materials makes a highly utilizable mattress pad. A hypoallergenic and durable construction makes for a great hospital mattress pad option. Loved by patients yet highly effective in protecting the mattress from unwanted spills, bacteria, mold and mildew. Attaches to the mattress with a strong and tight elastic anchor band, stays on strong during use but easily installable and removable for continuous washing cycles. 

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Bed Bud Hospital Linen Protectors

Paradise Pillow’s Bed Bug Pillow Protector 

Bed bug protection is a necessity when it comes to the hospitality bedding industry. Bed bug protection is a low-cost, low-profile solution to what can be a very expensive problem. Our pillow protectors are designed and built with quality, forcing bed bugs, dust mites, and liquids to stay out. These bed bug protectors can easily be removed and installed for wash cycles and will silently increase the life of all types of both down and polyester. 

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Bed Bug Mattress Protector 

Mattresses along with pillows need protection from bed bugs, don’t let the bed bugs bite! Bed bug mattress protectors are essential for keeping mattresses clean and helping them to last for years to come. Bed bug mattress protectors are used not only for keeping bed bugs out, but also prevent other unwanted pests, dust, dirt, and liquids from ruining your hospital mattress. The fabric of the protector is super-soft and light weight making it as comfortable as it is effective. 

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Hospital Blankets

Durable and soft blankets for Healthcare including hospitals, clinics, VA hospitals, nursing homes

Hospital Blankets are essential to any hospital room to keep your patients comfortable in the times when they need it most. Our hospital blankets provide that extra loving touch to any hospital room to make it just that much homier. 

Honeycomb Snag-free Hospital Blanket

Our honeycomb snag-free blanket is function and comfortable. A design that is snag-free to prevent unwanted damage and wear over time, but one that is breathable and warm all at the same time. The way we have specially-engineered the weave and texture of this blanket provide an unmatched comfort providing the ultimate resting experience patients need. Available in many colors, this blanket brings together the design of any room.

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100% Cotton Hospital Blanket

Comfortable, efficient, and luxurious. This 100% cotton blanket provides a feeling of coziness and care as soon as you touch it. Designed to be durable but to feel delicate, allowing one to feel comfortable when using this blanket. Easy wash and care.

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Hospital Bath Towels and Washcloths

Our hospital towels and washcloths are available in any sizes, qualities and colors. 

100% Cotton Hospital Towel 

High quality hospital bath towels made entirely of cotton. These plush, thick, towels are made to feel amazing on the skin and last for years, almost a guarantee this will become a fan favorite among patients and staff. 

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Polycotton Hospital Towel

86% cotton, 14% polyester, these engineered towels are made to last. With both durability and softness in mind, these towels are an incredible option to keep your patients and staff happy for years to come. 

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Hospital Washcloths and Hand Towels

Soft, luxurious, and absorbent - these hand towels/washcloths are the best there is. Designed for longevity, these towels are soft to keep your patients and staff happy, but durable to last for many years. Designed to go through hundreds of wash cycles and come out looking beautiful after each and every cycle.

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