Choosing Pillows For Your Vacation Rental: Sleeping Pillows for Airbnb & VRBO Hosts

As a vacationer you’d expect peace and relaxation, and this starts with your sleep. As a vacation rental host either on Airbnb, VRBO, or something else, you want to provide your guests with the most comfortable experience possible. Whether you and your guests are on a budget or splurging for luxury, being comfortable in bed is critical to getting a good nights rest and having a great vacation. It may be difficult to compete with hotels when it comes to providing comfortable bedding as hotels have experts who set up mattresses and sheets - but don’t fret, Paradise Pillow has you covered for your vacation rental or furnished short term rental. 

High-quality Wholesale Airbnb Vacation Rental Bedding

Paradise Pillow supplies vacation rental hosts with high-quality bedding and sheets that feel great and last well, through hundreds of laundry cycles. 

Our vacation rental offering provides options for a range of budgets. Whether you host quick stays in the city or luxury stays on the beach, our lines of bedding options for short term rentals provide options for anyone. 

Standard - Gold Line Sleeping Pillows

Match our Standard vacation rental sheets with the Gold Line sleeping pillows. 

Our Gold Line sleeping pillows are the perfect medium density pillow for your guests. At 230 thread count, this 100% cotton generally filled with pillow contains 100% virgin hollow-slick polyester fiber for added durability. Design for any sleeping position - this pillow is a perfect balance of budget-friendliness and quality. 

Gold Line Standard Pillows are” 20" x 26" and comes in a case of 10

Gold Line Queen Pillows are” 20" x 30" and comes in a case of 8

Gold Line King Pillows are” 20" x 36 and comes in case of 6


Premier - Down-Like Sleeping Pillow

This pillow provides the same lofty look and feel as down without any of the irritants that down can cause. A must try for all housekeeping managers! A high thread count, 100% cotton shell meticulously filled with a super-soft gel-fiber, this pillow is handcrafted in the United States by Paradise Pillow.

Down-Like Sleeping Pillows in Standard are” 20" x 26" and comes in a case of 10

Down-Like Sleeping Pillows in Queen are” 20" x 30" and comes in a case of 8

Down-Like Sleeping Pillows in King are” 20" x 36 and comes in case of 6

Luxury - Bella-Resto Sleeping Pillow

Match our Luxury vacation rental bedding with the Bella Resto sleeping pillow.

Starting at just over $10/pillow*, the Bella Resto sleeping pillow is filled with a down-like alternative hypoallergenic fiber that offers a loft that is beyond compare. Your guests can sink their heads into this pillow and experience superior softness but also the support and comfort of a down-feeling pillow. This is pillow turns out to be a guest favorite of many of our clients whose guest soften end up asking them where they got  their pillows. 


The Bella-Resto pillow comes in 3 sizes

  • Standard
  • Queen
  • King

Standard comes with 10 pillows per case, Queen comes with 8 pillows per case, and King comes with 6 pillows per case. 


These pillows come in specific sizes for different sizes beds or mattresses, the sizes are as follows: 

  • Standard 20" x 26" (Case of 10)
  • Queen 20" x 30" (Case of 8)
  • King 20" x 36" (Case of 6)

*price subject to change after this article was written