Hospital Pillows

Wholesale Hospital Pillow Suppliers: The Linen Factory

The Linen Factory is a US-based wholesale and manufacturing company specializing in producing hospital pillows for over 30 years. To fulfill the needs of the healthcare sector, our company makes hospital pillows that provide the utmost comfort and satisfaction to their patients. The essence of our business is to offer more excellent value at a lower price to their audience. 

We offer a variety of american-made wholesale hospital pillows that go as follows:

Soft Staph Check Hospital Sleeping Pillow

The soft staph check hospital pillow is one of our most purchased products due to the comfort and pleasure it gives to them. It excels in terms of durability, quality, and being resistant to any fire, bacteria, fungus, or mildew. The soft staph check pillow is highly durable, it is constructed with the utmost care and consideration towards the wants and needs of the patients. It possesses the best quality materials and is also super easy to clean. The pillow is overall a very hygienic and durable option for hospital systems. The pillow is offered in two very soothing colors, white and surgical blue. 

Premium Staph Check Hospital Sleeping Pillow

The Premium Staph Check Hospital Pillow is an upgraded version of the original Soft Staph Pillow. The additional features include being self-deodorization, hypoallergenic, and resistant to moisture. The pillow is highly durable and can handle long uses of wear and tear before needing to be replaced. The best quality about this pillow is the warm and comfortable feeling it gives to its users so they can feel safe and at their most comfortable in the hospital. 

The Fresh Fill Hospital Sleeping Pillow

This pillow option is perfect for medical facilities due to its long-lasting nature and can be purchased in bulk at competitive prices. The Fresh Fill Hospital Sleeping Pillow contains pure polyester. The best assortment of materials are used in its build to enable a better support system for the back or neck, helping to alleviate any pain a patient may have. This pillow is also made to survive extensive laundry cycles. 

Antimicrobial Hospital Sleeping Pillow

A hospital pillow made purely out of polyester, with antimicrobial elements. This unique combination curates the most desired and in-demand buffer for medical healthcare facilities across the United States of America. This pillow keeps the safety of the patients in check alongside being tailored professionally to keep harmful microbes out. Similar to the rest of the options, the Antimicrobial Hospital Sleeping Pillow is also manufactured to the highest standards to provide optimal comfort to the patient and long lasting durability for the hospitals use.

Besides all of the existing options, the Linen Factory also caters to the custom-based requests for our healthcare and hospital clients. We also provide private label manufacturing for brands that may need an option for their clients. We do not have any minimum size requirements for order as they believe in sustainability and reducing wasteful behavior. Our facilities fast-paced manufacturing processes, alongside quick delivery, ensure 100% customer satisfaction.