The Latest Trends for Hospitality Bedding

The hospitality industry has suffered a lot since the advent of COVID-19, but the last year has also been host to several different changes in the industry. These changes have revolutionized the overall look and design of hotels, airbnbs, and short-term rental properties. One of the biggest trends to follow is that of the bedding of the hospitality industry.

Bedding is an essential part of the hospitality industry because it determines customer satisfaction. It is no wonder why hospitality bedding is always changing and the latest trends are always designed to maximize comfort and style.

Admittedly, some of these trends have come into style because of the increasing need for sanitization and easy-to-wash bedding solutions.


Triple Sheeting Has Become the New Norm

Triple sheeting is the latest trend that the hospitality industry is following because of its easy-to-wash properties and minimalist style. Triple sheeting is in with the current times, while also being aesthetically pleasing. Housekeepers can easily understand the implementation of the triple sheeting method, making it convenient for any hotel, airbnb, or rental property.

As the name suggests, triple sheeting is made up of three distinct layers. The fitted sheet or a flat sheet folded around the mattress is used as the base layer or layer zero. Next, the middle flat sheet is placed atop the fitted sheet. The second layer is the blanket or duvet layer. Finally, a top cover or flat sheet is placed on top. All three layers are usually folded down to expose the base fitted sheet.


Duvet Covers Have Got You Covered

With COVID-19 causing a change in everyone’s lifestyle, a major focus of the hospitality industry has become cleanliness. Duvet covers are easier to wash than the duvets themselves, so they are a convenient way to ensure that things remain clean after a guest leaves the room or property.


Mattress and Pillow Protectors are a Needed Barrier

Similar to duvet covers, mattress and pillow protectors allow for a layer of protection against any harmful germs and bacteria. You can prevent mold from forming, bed bugs from taking over, and even bodily fluids from spoiling the mattresses and pillows. Makeup, body oils and odor, dead skin, and other bodily fluids can have a bad effect on mattresses and pillows and this makes it crucial to provide a protective layer for the comfort of all your guests. Housekeepers should be trained to understand how such covers can be taken off, washed and fitted back on to mattresses and pillows.


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