Choosing Hospital Bed Sheets: Size, Material, Color, Price

Hospital beds are an integral part of any hospital experience, especially for patients who need to stay for longer periods of time. Such patients require soft, comfortable and clean beds because this can also help in their recovery.

One key aspect of a hospital bed that people often overlook are the hospital bed sheets. Fitted hospital bed sheets can make or break one’s hospital stay. Hospital bed sheets are in constant contact with patients and their skin, so they need to be as comfortable and soft to prevent skin irritation and discomfort.

Choosing the Right Hospital Bed Sheets

Finding a set of hospital bed sheets that have all of the qualities you are looking for can be a difficult task. However, hospital sheets wholesale is by far the best option for anyone looking to buy an ideal set of hospital bed sheets in bulk for a healthcare setting. 


Right Hospital Bed Sheets Size

Finding the right hospital bed sheets size can be a difficult job because hospital beds can vary in size. Fitted sheets can be troublesome because they might not fit the bed properly. Some sizes that are ideal for hospital beds include twin and twin XL. 

Twin:  36" x 80" x 9" - PremiumEconomyMuslin

Twin: 36" x 84" x 9" - PremiumEconomyMuslin

You can find twin and twin XL hospital bed sheets from TheLinenFactory in both the PremiumEconomyMuslin lines. These hospital bed sheets can be found in white, bone, surgical blue, or surgical green, depending your hospitals branding this might be an important aspect to the healthcare beeding. 

The advantage of buying extra long hospital bed sheets is that you will be able to fit them on to any bed size. Extra long sheets are also versatile because they can be used as both draw sheets and flat sheets.

The Right Type of Hospital Sheets

There are three different types of sheets used for hospital bedding, including draw sheets, flat sheets and fitted sheets.

Draw sheets are folded and laid in the middle of the bottom sheet and when a patient lies down, it should come between their lower back and upper thighs. These sheets are generally used by doctors and nurses to cover patients when they are moving to other rooms.

Flat Hospital Sheets

The hospital sheets – flat versions are used to over lock the mattress and create four seams. One seam is left wider than the rest and this seam is used to make adjustments to the sheet to fit the mattress. Flat sheets can also be placed under the duvet cover and blanket to prevent it from getting dirty and allowing for easy laundering.

The same healthcare sheet lines can be found for flat sheets from TheLinenFactory as well, this includes Premium, Economy, and Muslin. These flat hospital sheets can also be found in white, bone, surgical blue, and surgical green. 

The type of bed sheet that you buy depends on your needs and the needs of the patient. However, it is recommended to buy all three types of hospital bed sheets for the most comfort and cleanliness.


Hospital Bedding Pillowcase

Pillowcases for hospital beds should be comfortable and match the flat and fitted sheets for optimal comfort for your patients. 

Hospital pillowcases come in standard size which is 21" x 31".





Hospital Bed Sheet Material

Hospital bed sheets are mostly made with the best and softest material available. They are often made with a polyester and cotton blend. The blend can vary from line to line.

TheLinenFactory’s 3 lines of hospital sheets include blends that consist of 65% Cotton/35% Polyester and 55% Cotton/45% Polyester. 

Hospital Bed Sheet Thread Count

The thread count is another integral part of the material of hospital bed sheets. This component of bed sheet buying can be hard for a novice to understand. However, what you need to know is that woven sheets are made of crisscrossed threads, so the thread count measures the number of threads used per square inch in both directions of the crisscross.

An ideal thread count for hospital bed sheets could be from 100-300 because this would mean that you get the highest quality and longest lasting product. 

Price of Hospital Sheets

Of course, cost will always be of concern when buying bedding especially in bulk. TheLinenFactory offers several lines of bedding to match your budget, and competitive pricing for each line respective to the other options you may find. Learn more about our low minimum orders and quick turn around time today. 

Easy to Maintain

Hospital bed sheets that are easy to maintain are crucial for any inpatient experience. Getting hospital bed sheets that you can easily wash and fold will help the caretaker save time and feel less tired with the chore. Also, fitted hospital bed sheets need to be easy to fit on to the mattress. Caretakers should be able to fit them within a minute so as to not cause too much trouble for the patient.


Bariatric Hospital Bed Fitted Sheets

Bariatric hospital bed fitted sheets need to be of a greater strength because bariatric patients have a tendency to ruin the bed’s setting once they lie down. Also, such bed sheets need to be extra soft and comfortable as bariatric patients often suffer from rashes and irritated skin as a result of their condition.

Bariatric fitted sheets should have a snug fit on the mattress and their elastic should be of high quality to last longer. It can be a challenge finding bariatric fitted sheets that would last a long time, but they are easier to find when buying from wholesale companies.

To learn more about large bed sheets or custom sheets from TheLinenFactory contact us today.


Best Wholesale Hospital Linens

Wholesale hospital linens need to be soft and comfortable. They should serve their purpose and be functional for the patient and the caretaker. Washing hospital linens and setting them on the bed should not feel like a burden to patient’s caretakers as they already have enough on their minds.

The perfect hospital linens can be found on our wholesale website as they will be of stellar quality and within an affordable price range. It is essential to know the size of the bed before you buy fitted sheets and it is even more necessary to look at your patient’s needs before making a purchase. 


Finding Hospital Bed Sheets is easy with The Linen Factory

If you are looking for hospital linens that are of a great quality and will provide your patient with ease during an uncomfortable and painful experience in the hospital, your search is over. Find something that will fit your patient’s needs and allow your caretaker with ease when it comes to use. Contact The Linen Factory Today.