The Hospitality Industry Has Gotten Its Groove Back

The current world landscape has greatly affected different industries across the globe. COVID-19 and the current standard operating procedures have become “the new normal” and have made it difficult for people to enjoy the luxuries they once could without risking their safety. Travelling was greatly limited, big events became extinct and the hospitality industry was completely put at a standstill.

Hospitality Is Coming Back Quick

The current trajectory states that things will go back to normal by the year 2022 and with everyone cooped up in their homes for nearly 2 years; the hospitality industry has been expecting a surge in travel and tourism.

This overdue surge means that the hospitality industry will finally be restored to its former glory of pre-COVID times. People are expected to go the distance and travel for longer periods to make up for overdue vacations and the tension experienced during the pandemic.

With an influx of tourists expected in most tourist destinations across the globe, property managers and innkeepers have already started preparing for the expected business. They have started revising their cancellation and extension policies as a means to keep up with the current times.


Hotels, Inns, and Airbnbs

With the coronavirus spreading like wildfire, people no longer turn only towards hotels as their primary vacation abodes. Short-term rental properties and Airbnbs have become the new norm as they allow visitors minimal contact with other people, therefore decreasing the risk of contracting COVID-19. Such properties thus facilitate social distancing, making it easier for travelers to avoid any risks.

How to Prepare an Airbnb with Bulk Wholesale Bedding

When preparing a short-term rental property, one needs to keep in mind the primary reason why visitors want to stay at the property in the first place. Visitors desire a place that feels like home. One way to make a place feel like home is by using fresh pillows and linens. In this case, Paradise Pillow’s Linen Factory has you covered. Restock the property’s cupboards with fresh linens that will allow you to meet the demands of your visitors. Paradise Pillow manufactures and supplies everything from hospitality pillows, sheets, and comforters to protectors, mattress pads, and more. 

Another important factor to consider is making everything contactless. You must provide your visitors with contactless facilities, including contactless payment and delivery. Such facilities will allow your visitors to feel safe and secure in the property and it will make them feel as if they are getting their money’s worth.

Finally, it is crucial to make sure that everything on the property is well-maintained. All lights should be working and any problems detected should be fixed right away. It would be best to thoroughly clean and sanitize the property once a guest leaves.


Paradise Pillow’s Linens Will be at Your Doorstep In Days

Paradise Pillow can help you maintain the clean conditions expected of your property with the provision of countless products, including fresh pillow cases, linens, towels, and more. The quality will meet the high standards set at any short-term rental property and we take care that everything is up to par with what our clients expect.

Short term rental bedding