Bedding in The Hospitality Industry in 2021

COVID-19 hit the world like a tornado and sent everyone spiraling through what felt like a roller coaster ride. However, with the situation calming down somewhat and global vaccination becoming rampant, the hospitality industry is one domain of life that is eager to get back on its feet and start returning to normal conditions.

Even before the pandemic, the hospitality industry was always changing and embracing new trends, but this has become tenfold ever since the pandemic hit. Trends in the hospitality industry are constantly changing to incorporate all of the latest standard operating procedures as a way to make guests feel welcomed, comfortable, and secure during uncertain times.

Most guests in the hospitality industry are travelers who must go through mandatory quarantine before being allowed into the country. This measure has been implemented across the globe and it has been the primary cause of the changing trends in the hospitality industry in 2021.


Cleanliness: Hospitality Linens

Keeping everything sanitized and free of any germs and bacteria has become the focus of most of the hospitality industry. Visitors are flocking towards hotels, air bnbs, and rental properties that take the most care of their cleanliness and follow the most stringent SOPs. Hand sanitizers in common areas, longer check-in and check out gaps, sanitization of commonly touched objects, and temperature checks at the door have all become standard practice. Housekeeping staff is now given extra time to sanitize rooms between guests.


Outdoor Has Become the New Indoor

Indoor lounging areas have been closed down completely in some areas, while in others, social distancing is being implemented. However, the entirety of the hospitality industry has embraced the great outdoors as their new lounge and most guests can be seen enjoying their time at a hotel or rental property outside. Make sure your outdoor spaces are stocked with the latest linens and towels. Paradise Pillow can help you with that, get in touch with us here. 



With a significant rise in environmental awareness in 2021, it has become even more essential for hotels and other hospitality institutions to introduce new sustainable practices. Such practices can help increase interest, especially with those who are attracted to environmentally sustainable places. Actions as simple as reducing the use of plastic or introducing strict recycling measures can leave a mark.


Going Contactless

Another new norm that most of the industry has embraced is going contactless with food and drink. People once went to the hotel buffet freely, without any fears. However, with the new normal, the hospitality industry has implemented different measures, including the delivery of food from the buffet to your room, the use of gloves at the buffet, individually packed food and beverages and even allowing staff to serve the food.


Bedding in Hospitality

Once upon a time, the hospitality industry embraced modernistic bedding designs and indulged in extravagance. This has become a long-lost dream as the hospitality industry has strayed from extravagance and turned to convenience. It has become crucial for innkeepers and housekeepers to ensure clean bedding at the speed of light and such a herculean task is only possible with the use of bedding that is minimalistic and easy to manage.


How Can Paradise Pillow Linen Factory be of Assistance?

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