Separating Your Hospitality Sheets & Linens with Color Coding

In the hospitality industry, most hotels, motels, airbnbs, and rental properties buy their linens and sheets in bulk. Thus, it is expected that most sheets would be of the same color and design. This can often make it difficult for the housekeeping staff to keep track of the sheets and match them to their respective mattresses.

This difficulty and the added pressure of having to make rooms look perfect between guests can make the job troublesome for housekeepers. The best solution to this problem is using size identifiers, which can help housekeepers differentiate between similar-looking sheets. It can help make the process of bedding easier and more convenient.

Size identifiers can be color-coded for convenience and efficiency during the bedding process. Once washed, housekeepers can use the color codes to easily identify which sheet is for which room. The following two color-coding methods can greatly help in the sheet separation procedure:


Supplier Color-coding

Interestingly, suppliers color code their sheets in two different ways. Some suppliers provide the size of the sheet and an associated color on the sheet’s tag. This can be convenient; however, it can also be a hindrance for hotels, where the staff may not have the time to look for the tag before setting the bed. Another great way suppliers use color-coding for size identification is by using colored thread sewn all around the bottom of the fitted or flat sheet. This visual indicator is easier to find compared to color-coded tags because the thread can be found throughout the sheet and does not have to be located in a particular corner.

When using a supplier’s color-coding, it is crucial to note down the meaning of each color and inform your staff of the code as well. Codes may vary according to the supplier, but you will find a card or paper that has the color code printed on it.


In House Color-coding

Similar to that of the first supplier color code mentioned above, you can also create your very own color-coding and all you need is a fabric marker. The fabric marker will not wash off in the laundry, so you can ensure that it will remain a part of the tag forever. Simply decide on an appropriate code for your sheets and use a fabric marker to color the tags of each sheet in a different color. Also, write as large as you can for the best utilization of this color-coding hack. This visual marker will help streamline the bedding process for the housekeeping staff.

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