New Product Line at The Linen Factory: Airbnb Bedding, Sheets, Pillows, & more - bedding for your vacation rental.

Airbnb Bedding & Sheets 

Materials, thread count, color (white) Materials: Cotton or Cotton/Poly Mix, Threadcount: from 170-300, Color: White 

Airbnb bedding & sheets are one of the single most important aspects when planning and executing your Airbnb, VRBO, or short term vacation rental. 

When it comes to bedding and sheets there are three main components you must consider; materials, thread count, and color. 

Materials. Materials for hospitality bedding are generally cotton and cotton/poly blends. Linen is a common material for bedding but it is not commonly used in vacation rentals because it is so niche and unique, it really only provides for a particularly catered experience and not good for most vacation rentals. Cotton and cotton/poly blends are best when it comes to vacation homes because it is versatile, durable, and can be very luxurious when high enough thread count and good quality. 

Thread counts for cotton and cotton/poly bedding will usually range from 170 to 300. Less than that is too thin for longevity and many laundry cycles, and more than that becomes too thick, less breathable, and very hard to dry making laundry on you cleaning crew very difficult. 

Paradise Pillow has 3 lines of vacation rental bedding providing options for everyone, from the quick budget stays to longer term luxury stays. The standard line sheets start in the 170 thread count range, premier sheets are 250 TC and luxury sheets are 300 TC. These unique lines also vary in material from cotton/poly blend to 100% cotton. 

Note: something to keep in mind is 100% cotton although nicer, can become cumbersome for vacation rentals because it is natural and it holds more water as it is a thicker material and drying cycles become more difficult and longer - this could be an issue for the cleaning crew and an issue for your dryer after hundreds of heavy cycles.  

Lastly, color. Color is important but in most scenarios choosing all white bedding is the best option. If you consider the hospitality industry and hotels - you expect to see all white bedding. Sure you may have a bed cover or throw blanket that is bold and colorful, but sheets, pillowcases, and covers are usually all white. White gives a feeling of comfort, warmth, and neutrality that keeps it cozy for everyone that stays. 

Levels of Bedding for Your Airbnb Vacation Rental.

The Linen Factory provides 3 lines of bedding for vacation rental airbnbs: Luxury, Premier, and Standard 

Let’s start with Standard.

Standard bedding is perfect for hosts who have lower budget rentals, maybe in the city, maybe accepting shorter term stays generally. The standard bedding line provides a cozy cotton/poly blend at 170 TC. This is a perfect sheet for vacation rentals because it is lightweight, durable, and will keep you guests comfortable but lasts hundreds of laundry cycles. 

Next is Premier.

Premier bedding and sheets for Paradise Pillow for vacation rentals is the most versatile line. This level of sheets can be use in almost any rental. Premier line sheets have an incredible Cotton Poly blend at 70% long staple cotton and 30% polyester. This mix is the perfect formula for comfort and durability. The cotton will keep your guests comfortable and the polyester will keep the sheets durable for years to come. This mix comes in a 250 thread count which is just thick enough to last for the long term but be comfortable, breathable, and universally loved by people world wide. You can’t go wrong with Premier line bedding for your short term rental. 

The top line is Luxury

Luxury sheets are the best option for hosts who are trying to provide a very elevated stay experience. When a guest pays for a luxurious apartment, home, or other style vacation rental - they expect comfort everywhere, especially in bed. Luxury sheets are something you may expect to see in a Four Season or Ritz. The luxury bedding line form Paradise Pillow consists of a 300 thread count 100% cotton sheet - truly a luxury experience. This thicker and most natural sheet will instantly be noticed by guests as comfortable and luxurious. 

Sheets (Flat & Fitted), Pillowcases  for Airbnbs

Sheets needed for Airbnbs include flat and fitted sheets. A fitted sheet is what covers the mattress and has an elastic band in it so it does not slip and slide when a guest is sleeping. Flat sheets are using on top of the fitted sheet and under the blanket, comforter, or duvet. Flat sheets are used in a triple layer method called triple sheeting. In this method there is a fitted sheet, topped with a flat sheet and a blanket that is then folded over by the flat sheet. 

This strategy is used universally in the hospitality business because it keeps your blanket clean and allows you to just wash a fitted and flat sheet in the laundry cycle - this keeps laundry cycles quick and efficient. 

Usually pillowcases in bed spreads are matching to the fitted and flat sheets. If you have a 250 thread count cotton/poly sheet you will likely have the same for the pillow. It is actually very important to have the same so the guest can have the same feel on their body and their face, if one is different than the other the person sleep will not just notice a difference, they’ll notice that they like one better than the other and this will not go over well as they’ll expect to have both being the “better” one.  Always match your pillowcases to your sheets. 


Triple Sheeting Airbnb 

As mentioned briefly above triple sheeting is the best method for making beds in Airbnbs and short term rentals. Triple sheeting is a method that is used universally in the hospitality business. 

What is Triple Sheeting? 

Triple sheeting is pretty simple, it just means using a 3 layer bed making method that includes a fitted sheet over the mattress, and flat sheet over that, and then a blanket on top of that, which is then folded over by the flat sheet. 

Why Triple Sheeting? 

Triple sheeting is used because it is effective. How is it effective? Well for several reasons. First, it keeps the blanket clean. Next, because it keeps the blanket clean it does not require to be washed between every single guest. This allows you to just wash a fitted sheet and flat sheet (and pillowcases of course). Blankets, duvets, and comforters, can be filled, thick, and bulky - washing these between every guest is not practical in any way… the cleaning crew won’t have time to wash these AND dry these - plus your laundry machines would not last running several cycles on comforters every week.

Airbnb Sleeping Pillows 

Vacation rental pillows for your Airbnb or VRBO are critical! Just like the sheets and pillowcases are important the pillows themselves are just as important! 

One of the very first things people notice when getting in a bed is the pillows, and pillows come in many different shapes and sizes - aka levels of quality and comfort. Cheap pillows from a big box store filled with a low quality poly are horrendous for sleeping on, they provide absolutely no support, they are thing, and they don’t feel soft. 

When it comes to sleeping pillows for a vacation rental you can splurge, because you don’t need to wash the actual pillows you can get very luxurious, comfortable pillows that keep guests cozy and happy. Two of the best sleeping pillows you can offer are the Bella-Resto pillow and the Down-Like Sleeping Pillow.

Bella Resto Sleeping Pillow for Vacation Rentals

The Bella Resto Sleeping Pillow is filled with a hypoallergenic down-alternative fiber for loft that is beyond compare. Guests can sink their head into this pillow to experience the softness of down with the support and qualities of a polyester-filled pillow. A hospitality guest favorite, this pillow has received many positive reviews and even requests to purchase pillows for their own home.

Down-Like Sleeping Pillow for Vacation Rentals

This pillow provides the same lofty look and feel as down without any of the irritants that down can cause. A must try for all housekeeping managers! A high thread count, 100% cotton shell meticulously filled with a super-soft gel-fiber, this pillow is handcrafted in the United States by Paradise Pillow.