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Paradise Pillow was founded in Brooklyn in the late 1980’s. After 30 years of incredible products and service, Paradise Pillow Linen Factory is one of America’s favorite bedding and pillow manufacturers. Our factory supplies wholesale, contract, & private label manufacturing services to American companies, including hospitals, hotels, government organizations, & other institutions. 

Hospital Pillows & Pillow Cases

We manufacture a comprehensive line of hospital pillows perfect for all types of clinical settings, and hospitals and clinics of any size. Our american made pillows also provide an affordable but high quality wholesale pillow option for healthcare organizations.

Soft Staph Check Hospital Sleeping Pillow

The soft staph hospital pillow is our customer favorite. This pillow gives patients exactly what they need and deserve, comfort.This pillow offers a hygienic option with premium comfort and durability. This pillow is highly durable, made with higher quality materials and designed for thousands of laundry cycles. The pillow is also flame-resistant, antibacterial, anti-fungal, and mildew resistant. This pillow is also easily cleanable with spot cleaning wipe-ability and an optional perforated variation for vented breathability and extra coolness.

Available in both white and surgical blue. 

Premium Staph Check Hospital Sleeping Pillow

The Premium Staph Check Hospital Pillow is the original Soft Staph Pillow and more. This pillow will offer additional advanced features, such as odor-free, self-deodorizing, hypoallergenic, and moisture resistance. This pillow also offers a non-perforated cover which is a permanent fluid-barrier that gives extra durability allowing for aggressive long-term use and abuse without becoming damaged or needing to be replaced. This pillow is perfect for hospitals because it is designed for longevity of use, but for style and comfort as if it were in a home setting - allowing your patients to feel comfortable in their stay. 

Fresh Fill Hospital
Sleeping Pillow

The fresh fill pillow is an ideal option for hospitals as well. Perfect for medical institutions and long term care facilities in need of bulk pillows. The Fresh Fill Healthcare Pillow is filled with fresh polyester and made from 100% virgin polyester fiber. The pillow offers long denier fibers which provide loftier support for the neck and back in a lighter pillow. This pillow is also conscious of long term use for durability through thousands of laundry cycles. 

Antimicrobial hospital sleeping pillow 

Our Antimicrobial Hospital Pillow is a best seller for hospitals. This hospital pillow’s primary feature is its antimicrobial polyester fill. As an essential to medical use, this pillow keeps germs out to keep at-risk patients safer. The fabric found on the antimicrobial hospital pillow is specially woven and tightly sewn in the seams to prevent tiny pests from compromising the pillow.

The american made antimicrobial medical pillow is made with the end-users in mind, created to be reused and rewashed while maintaining its initial durability, support and softness. 

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American Hospital Pillows Made With Quality and Durability in Mind

Made in the USA

Wholesale Hospital Pillow Cases

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MUSLIN Hospital sheets & pillowcases

The muslin fabric is an affordable and durable material that is perfect for hospital pillow cases. This pillow case is made with savings in mind, stay on your budget with a great quality pillow case made for hospitals. This pillow case is available in bleached white and bone color. This pillow case also has a matching bedding sheet which is a fantastic option as a room filler or for surplus linen supply needs.

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ECONOMY Hospital Sheets and pillowcases

Where value meets quality. The Economy Hospital Pillow Case is durable, resilient, and hypoallergenic, making it one of the most popular hospital bedding products from our American linen factory. These pillow cases are engineered for heavy use making them a great option for withstanding heavy and often laundry cycles, often seen in hospital bedding use.

Available in white, surgical blue, and surgical green. 

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Bed Bud Hospital Linen Protectors

Paradise Pillow’s Bed Bug Pillow Protector 

Hospitals have a large volume of people coming through, bed bug protection bed bug protection is always a good option. Bed bug protection is a low-cost way to protect your pillow linen investment. Our bed bug pillow protectors are low profile and designed with quality being impermeable for bed bugs, dust mites, and even liquids. The protectors are easy to install and remove for wash cycles and will steadily increase the life of the pillow preserving the down and/or polyester. 

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Premium Hospital Pillows

Hospital Pillows & Pillowcases

We offer a higher thread count to guarantee a strong fabric. Our hospital pillows and pillowcases are designed and built to withstand years of aggressive use and abusive laundry cycles.

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