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Paradise Pillow, an American Linen Factory supplying wholesale bedding, sheets, pillows, comforters & more to American hospitals, hotels, institutions, and government organizations. 


Who is Paradise Pillow? 

When Paradise Pillow was founded in the late 1980s our manufacturing focused on pillow production, wholesale pillows, bulk order pillows, contracted pillow manufacturing, and private label pillows. 

Through the years Paradise Pillow grew to offer a full line of bedding manufacturing services supplying companies, brands, institutions, and government organizations throughout the United States with all bedding supply needs. 

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Keeping Bedding Manufacturing Domestic in the USA

Paradise Pillow operates completely out of Philadelphia, PA. In the 1990s and 2000s when American manufacturers were going overseas to seek out cheap labor and shipping jobs across the pacific to China, Paradise Pillow maintained its integrity by keeping all production domestic and keeping all jobs in the United States. 

Although American workers require a higher pay than similar work abroad, Paradise Pillow wanted to maintain its support in the American economy by keeping all production in the United States with the production facility in New York (now in Pennsylvania). 


Bulk Bedding & Pillows For All Kinds of Business and Needs

Paradise Pillow provides a wide range of wholesale pillow products for hospitals, hotels, institutions, & government organizations. Pillows are unique because different pillows are needed for different applications, for example, a luxurious 5-star hotel pillow is not the same pillow you would find on a hospital cot. For this reason Paradise Pillow manufacturers many pillows to supply a wide range of businesses and companies.

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Hospital Pillows 

The hospital pillow collection from Paradise Pillow carries the most variants because of so many unique applications necessary in a hospital. From affordable muslin fabric pillowcases to the more supportive antibacterial pillows made for long term patients.  

Soft Staph Hospital Pillow

Customer favorite fits the needs of your patients 

Premium Staph Hospital Pillow 

Like the soft staph but offers a bit more in comfort and support and features learn more here

Fresh Fill Pillow

Perfect for medical facilities with long term patients in need of bulk pillows, a comfortable option for long term patients 

Anti-Microbial Pillow

Primarily geared towards its anti-microbial polyester fill is a hospital favorite 

Muslin Fabric Sheets & Pillowcases

An affordable and durable option for hospital pillowcases and sheets.

Economy Fabric Sheets & Pillowcases

Providing value and quality at the right price, our Economy line provides a great option for pillowcases and hospital sheets

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Hotel Pillows

Silver Line Pillows

A cost-effective option with polyester fill and a poly/cotton cover filled with virgin hypoallergenic fiber.

Gold Line Pillows

230 thread count, 50/50 polycotton shell filled generously with 100% virgin hollow-slick polyester fiber.

Platinum Line Pillows

A high-density option filled with 100% virgin polyester fiberfill, no need to fluff, as this pillow maintains its firmness and support. 

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Institutional & Government Pillows 

Institutions and Government can choose from any range of pillows provided by Paradise Pillow. Both healthcare and hospitality pillows can be used for institutions and government organizations, depending on the needs of the facility. Click here to learn more.

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